Day 11 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: It’s your anniversary, and you have $20 to purchase your anniversary gift.

Blurb:  Remembering my account balance and knowing that I still have a couple of bills set up on auto draft, I try to think of what I can get my love for our one year anniversary. I know our first year has been a lot for the both of us, but with work, and paying for school out of pocket it started to get hard to take care of things and try not to put any more pressure on my husband. I can make his favorite dinner tonight, and maybe take him out this weekend. I can grab his favorite beer and set-up the house in a romantic ambiance, I just hate knowing I can’t gift him with something big, something to say, I love you, that I appreciate all that you do, and how thankful I am for you every day. Well with everything continually being posted and talked about online, I see many couples who take these extravagant trips, luxurious gifts, and five-star restaurants.

Taking a calming breath, I smile as a thought crosses my mind. I quick getaway is just what we need, it may not be us leaving the country, or staying at a resort, but I couple of hours on the road to the nearest lake could make this anniversary one of the best weekends. For now, dinner and cheesy gifts will have to do until I can surprise him this Friday with our semi-spontaneous trip.

Thanks for joining me on day 11 of my writing challenge. Until next time, Read THS!

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