A New Level of Upset

I have been working on this story for a couple of weeks. The last time I opened it to work on it I added about a 500 words, although word count isn’t a big thing for me I was so proud of myself. Today I opened the story to add on to it, and I realized that some how, some way my work did not save from my last entry. I am so heart broken, I could truly cry right now. I thought I knew upset but this is a new level, all of the ides that I had at that random time are just gone, and to be honest I do not fully remember everything I added. I was tempted to close the document and just walk away, but as I write this to you guys my blood is starting to rush and I am getting excited about replacing what I lost as well as what I was wanting to add. I guess I should go ahead and head back over to Word and let my thoughts run wild.

3 thoughts on “A New Level of Upset

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