New Read Mondays!

Good evening TH*S readers. Today, or shall I say night I have two books I have been reading that I would like to appropriately introduce. I would normally wait until I fully finished the books, but I think I should update you guys after every chapter.

A People’s History of the United States, is just as the title says. A book, starting from the beginning but this book is different from the rest, they include exerpts from journals including details of expeditions and findings. Zinn also wrote the book from the prospective of the working class, women, Native Americans, African Americans, and immigrant laborers.

How to Invest, is a little project of mine. I want to learn all I can about investing so that I may take that knowledge and further my investments and help those around me. This particular book has all sorts of helpful tips such as important calendar days, phone numbers, yearly goals and so forth.

Chapter reviews will be avaialable soon, as well as my normal reading genres. Make to check back for the updates, until next time TH*S readers, be sure to read TH*S.

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