House of Guardians by Beatrice Sand

House of Guardians by Beatrice Sand

Published: Genre: Fantasy

E-book, 420 pages

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I was pretty caught up with this series, I did see a similarity to Twilight with the main characters age and some of the similar circumstances. But overall for me the relationship between Sam and Laurel was one that any high schooler would want minus the life-threatening actions of a demigod, and mixed signals of their relationship. I did enjoy the history that Sand provided, I also liked that some of the ancient Greek dialect was written into to the story line. The writing style is truly what kept me going throughout the book, and I did like the story line.  While reading this I recalled just how much I love Greek Mythology, and it influenced my recent purchase of Mythology by Edith Hamilton, and Norse Mythology by Jake Jackson.

I would have loved to see Laurel make some of her own intelligent decisions. Sometimes you do need to be rescued I get that, but every single time? Also, there were moments when you could tell Laurel was going to do something completely foolish but hey that’s why Sam is his savior.

I would like to find out what happens between the two of them, I’ve seen the covers of the next two books, so I can kind of tell but I’m not to sure I am ready to sit down and read them right now.screenshot_20180105-132255387657040.jpg

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